About Cassi Thomas

CJT_5523 8x10cAt the center of my family is God, although that wasn’t always the case. Bill, my husband, and I were both raised to know our Lord, but we fell away from our faith during our 20’s and for the early part of our 30’s. Don’t most of us? Thank heavens we survived those years.

Today, we are raising our three children to know, believe and trust in Jesus. We do our best to lead by example, although we fail at this just about as often as we succeed. It’s called being human. Still, we try, and we ask God to help us.

I decided to start a blog because I want to lead at least one person outside of my home to God. That might sound a bit like false humility. It isn’t. Leading people to God is like convincing a woman that she looks perfect in a dress; it’s nearly impossible. But every now and then she can be persuaded if the right person says the right thing at the right time. I’m praying for all three.

The nature of this site is to emphasize that we, as humans, are all equals; no one person is better than another. You and I came into this world naked and helpless, and we will leave the same way. There aren’t many things more humbling and equalizing than that realization.

I can’t read you bible stories before bed each night, say your prayers with you or drive you to church on Sunday, but I can write. I hope that what you read within these pages will lead you to an understanding, belief and trust in Jesus!

Call to action! If you are so inclined, please share what you read within these pages on your social channels as often as possible. The best way to do this on a regular basis is to subscribe to my blog so that you will receive automatic updates of new posts. By continually sharing these posts, we will reach exponentially more people. Then, sit back and let God do the rest of the work!

Comments, questions or concerns? Please contact me via the form below.

8 Responses to About Cassi Thomas

  1. Glad to find your site. Thanks for your service and your desire to lead others to Christ.


  2. recentreveries says:

    Wonderful post! So very encouraging to see others sharing their faith and devoting their life to His work.


  3. Cassi, thanks for your testimony. It’s always encouraging to see someone come back to their faith after being in a “faith coma” during their earlier years. Even better when they try to “lead at least one person outside of my home to God.”


  4. Chris Martin says:

    Great blog. I wanted to share some military tributes with you that I’ve written in the past. Please forward my gratitude to your husband for serving, and thank you for being a military wife. I know that can’t be easy.



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