Proverbs: Part 19

My 17th wedding anniversary came and went without the person I’ve spent the last 17 years married to. Yet again, our family has taken a blow from the Army, and in a place that just might hurt the most: the heart.
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Proverbs: Part 18

I’m tired, sweaty and cranky.

This week has been crazy; I’ve been getting up early, working on my feet for hours, and enduring high heat and humidity with no central air in my Korean home (it doesn’t exist) and no A/C in my car (it doesn’t work). The sweat puddles on the seat of my Galloper as I drive from my muggy home to Vacation Bible School (VBS). I open all four windows, desperate for the breeze that blows thru them when I exceed 30 mph. Each day that I arrive to our local elementary school I endure the thirty long seconds that it takes for the old and wore out window motors to roll back up their windows. I watch them rise like paint drying on a wall, sitting there in my sweat soaked seat, the air stifling. As hot as those three minutes are, the walk from my truck to the VBS entrance doors is almost excruciating. Like a lost person in a desert who sees a mirage of water but can’t move any faster toward it for sheer lack of energy, I so desperately look forward to that super cold blast of A/C waiting for me only 100 yards away but can’t muster the strength to move my legs any faster towards it. Continue reading

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Proverbs: Part 17

A few years ago I did a stupid thing. I learned from my huge mistake, and in the process was drawn closer to God, but at the same time I lost one of my two best friends. Continue reading

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Within Walking Distance

This week I’d like to take a short break from our study of Proverbs to highlight a new series on my photography site, Stages Photography, called Within Walking Distance. Through this series I hope to illustrate God’s creation, which surrounds each of us, through my photography. You’ll find no images of Mount St. Helens or the Grand Canyon here, but rather those within walking distance of my home, for my goal is to demonstrate God’s presence right in front of our noses, rather than from unreachable mountaintops. Come explore the world around me and together we will bear witness to God’s perfect creation.

I am able to find limitless examples of the work of God right within my own neighborhood. Image what can be found around the world! Do you have an illustration within walking distance that you would like to highlight? Write in!

via Within Walking Distance.

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Proverbs: Part 16

Above all sins, God hates pride. Pride is the sin that begets all others. It’s because of pride that we gossip. It’s pride that motivates us to lie or steal. Pride is the root cause of murder.

These are bold statements to make, but here’s why I make them. Continue reading

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Proverbs: Part 15

The other day Liam, my 11 year-old son, told me, “Mom, I don’t like my school. I want you to home school me.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because the kids always cuss and talk about inappropriate things.” Continue reading

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Proverbs: Part 14

This week brings us to chapter 14 in Proverbs. Although there are many words of wisdom to be found within this chapter, I’d like to pull out the proverbs that pertain to a healthy fear of the Lord.

The faithless will be fully repaid for their ways, and the good man rewarded for his (14:14).

Last weekend a friend and I went to Seoul to see a lantern festival, which as it turns out, was mostly a celebration of Buddha’s birthday. The photographer in me begged to capture images of people and the festivities, even if it meant stepping inside the Jogyesa Temple, where three enormous statues of Buddha towered above the bowing Koreans below. But after about five minutes inside, the Christian in me told me to get out.CJT_8523s Continue reading

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