My Statement of Faith

In 2014 I felt a strong calling to write for Christ. I posted regularly for a year, a time frame that I felt committed to. It wasn’t on purpose, but when that year was up I no longer felt the need to write on a faithful, weekly routine. It’s been months since my last post on Naked I Will Depart and I must say, it feels good to be writing again.

During my time away my husband has been busy working on a possible change in jobs and therefore, a potential relocation of our family (to our hometown of Tucson, AZ). I’ve been busy dreaming about prospective homes.

A move back to Tucson would mean settling down, something I’m very ready and happy to do. It also means that I would be able to put my secondary education degree into action, becoming a teacher or perhaps in some other fashion working with young adults. The realization of this decade-old dream may soon be realized!

With that in mind, I’ve recently applied for a position with a private, Christian school in Tucson. One of the requests on the application was for me to make a statement expressing my Christian faith and who Jesus is to me. I realized that I’ve never written specifically about my personal faith and I felt that my response would be a good topic for a Naked I Will Depart post. The following was my reply.

I believe that all people need Jesus Christ’s redeeming grace because all have failed to meet God’s perfect requirements for salvation. Jesus is the bridge to heaven. Through faith in Him we can one day walk upon the wooden planks where John the Baptist, Dr. Luke, King David, Esther, Job and others once trod, looking behind as we leave a world filled with repugnant sin, looking ahead at the feast and celebration that has been prepared for us.

Jesus offers hope. He offers forgiveness for my wrongs. He provides unfailing love, pure joy and perfect wisdom. When all else fails, Jesus remains the strong vine where I can find nourishment for my soul and stability for feet. In Him I can rest because my faith is not blind, but rather sees clearly through the infallible pages of Scripture.

I call myself Lutheran, a faith born during a time in history when the Church had lost sight of its Savior and the truth of His Word. I find that the modern world is not so different from that of 500 years ago. Since the division of the Church a plethora of denominations have emerged, each claiming to be the best interpretation of God’s will. In reality, there are only two divides. Those who believe in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection for the salvation of all and those who do not. We are either children of God or we are not. Saints or “Ain’ts.”

As a saint, my purpose in life is to live according to Jesus’ model of perfection. I am to be a witness for Christ to my family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. I cannot do this without God, and I ask Him everyday for help. Thank goodness for his enduring patience and grace!

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10 Responses to My Statement of Faith

  1. Francisco says:

    Good to have you back!


  2. Daphne Sherman says:

    Beautifully stated.


  3. Kelley says:

    You always amaze me Cassi!


  4. Never heard “saints or aints” before. Cute and catchy, yet oh so sad.

    Glad to read your good writing again.


  5. I love the similarities, Cassi. Just like you, I have a photography website and a Christian website, although the latter is strictly geared to evangelism with people who are open to spirituality. 🙂


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