Halloween: America’s Present-Day Philosophy

The preparation for our family’s journey across the seas has left me with little time to write this week. However, my immediate and pertinent thoughts are drawn to the highly celebrated American holiday fast approaching: Halloween.

In Pastor’s sermon last Sunday he mentioned the crazed fascination that we have for Halloween. Take a look around. There are where-houses devoted to this holiday: demon, witch, devil and scantily clad costumes and decor of the same. The images of ghosts, demons, vampires and the walking dead are everywhere I look: bus stops, grocery stores, billboards and even outside of our schools. Why it is OK to plaster these images in direct sight of me and my children is beyond my comprehension. For some reason this sort of marketing has become acceptable. The radio and TV run constant ads for the “coolest” haunted house, using such descriptive words that I cringe and quickly change the channel. Once, at the sight of the mangled body of a woman during a TV commercial – a channel that otherwise is supposed to be acceptable for children – my 6 year-old daughter exclaimed, “Eeew!” and then asked, “Mommy, what is that?”

How many stores support the importance of Easter?

I hate that my children are subjugated to what the world deems is acceptable, rather than what God deems is acceptable. As a Christian woman, wife and mother I am absolutely disgusted by the downfall of our society, seen at it’s “best” around this holiday.

As I make my way across the globe, I ask you to ponder the words below, taken from The Most High God, a book written by Dr. Renald Showers. As Dr. McGee has said, this excerpt best describes our present-day philosophy.

This is a time of humanism, instability, war, and false prophets and false ‘christs.’ The rejection of God’s rule which started for man in the Garden of Eden seems to be reaching a frenzied pitch. Man is determined to prove that he can rule the world in an orderly, meaningful way without God. He asserts that the ultimate purpose of everything is the glory and exaltation of man. This man-centered mania not only makes him refuse to submit to the rule of God, but also renders him incapable of submitting, and that’s Romans 8:7. Because man rejects the rule of God, his pride drives him to do things opposite to what God has ordained. God ordained capital punishment for murderers, but man tries to abolish it. God regards human life as being valuable, because He created it in His image, but man destroys it by millions through abortion. God instituted marriage and ordained that it be permanent, but man divorces and suggests that marriage be abolished. God demands justice in society with the protection of the innocent and the punishment of the criminal. But man pampers the criminal at the expense of the innocent. God ordained the family as the nurturing place of future generations, but man proposes that government replace the family. God declares that the fear of the Lord is the starting point of wisdom, but man forbids any reference to God in the classroom. God instituted moral absolutes to govern man, but man says that utopia can come only through the rejection of these absolutes. God ordained distinctive appearances and roles for the sexes, but man tries to obliterate those distinctions. God instituted sex to be used within the bonds of male, female marriage, but man perverts sex through pornography, fornication, adultery and homosexuality. God made man to have true meaning and purpose of life only in Him, but man tries to find true meaning through drugs, alcohol, the occult, materialism, philosophy, astrology, cults, transcendental meditation, fame and power. Man has his false prophets and ‘christs’ to encourage him in his rebellious attempt at self rule. These deceivers tell man that he is good and perfectible by nature. They teach that through the process of evolution, man is moving toward divinity. Some so-called theologians declare that in order to have so-called utopia man must proclaim himself the great humanity divine. Others state that the true gospel is the good news that man is deified. Having willfully rejected the truth about God, man is worshiping and serving himself rather than his creator.

Instead of worshiping ourselves and celebrating evil – which will only provide us an eternity in Hell – give thanks and praise to our creator, who has provided everything we will ever need to spend an eternity in Heaven.

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2 Responses to Halloween: America’s Present-Day Philosophy

  1. Jessica says:

    I enjoyed reading this. So true…

    You and your sweet family will be missed. Wishing you all many blessing on this new adventure.


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