Is Silence Golden or Yellow?

It’s 11:20pm on Wednesday night, the night before I am to publish my weekly post. It’s a long post, as usual, filled with thoughts about the current events in my life. Bill reviewed my writing just an hour ago and promptly told me that it could not be published.


You see, I had written about our upcoming move and how that move ties to Bill’s military career. Those details connect to the path God will lead us down, if we are willing to follow. But it was the details that red flagged the whole post. After pouring my soul into 1400 words, Bill shot it down (no pun intended). It’s a tough pill to swallow.

In my fervor to write about the impact military life has had on my family, and how that connects to my faith in God’s presence in our lives, I forgot that I am a military wife. My husband is a solider in the United States military. What he does, where he has been and what is lined up for our future is not for public consumption. My role, amongst others, is to support that line of anonymity. Maybe one day, when he is retired, I will post what I had intended to publish this week.

I haven’t enough time to write an entirely new post, and so instead, I’ll keep my alternative message short and sweet. Although there are times when we must keep silent, as is the case for my intended post, there are times when silence is not the best response. I love the quote from the late Dr. McGee. “Silence is golden, but sometimes it’s yellow.” Our intended purpose during our time on Earth is to discuss our faith with others. But talking doesn’t have to mean verbal communication. As Christians, we can communicate our faith through actions, writing and expression.

Before the first sin, we were created in God’s image, perfect and holy. That was God’s intention for us. Through Jesus’ death, we can become perfect in God’s sight again as Jesus was and is, should you decide to believe and trust in this fact.

Choose to communicate this knowledge in accordance with your God-given talents because, as I heard in devotion tonight, “You may be the only Jesus that person ever meets.”

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4 Responses to Is Silence Golden or Yellow?

  1. Excellent post/reminder, Cassi.


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