On Easter We Celebrate Our Freedom

It never occurred to me to write a special post for Easter until I was sitting in church today.

For most of us, Easter is an egg hunt. My family is no different; Bill and I got up at 5:30 this morning to hide eggs. It was wet, dark and cold, but there was no way we would fail our children’s expectations of the Easter Bunny.

Chocolate candy for breakfast later, our Sunday best protected under kitchen aprons, and we were out the door and headed to church. Oh boy do I need church. Not even on Easter can I seem to keep my priorities straight.

Easter isn’t about a bunny, eggs or candy.

It’s about being pardoned of our sins. Take Michael Delaney, a solider in the United States Army in 1863, for example. I learned of his story in Pastor’s sermon today. Delaney was a felon and a deserter and had been sentenced to death. For months he awaited his fate, waking up each morning not knowing if it would be his last.

DelaneyMilitaryRecordThat is, until President Abraham Lincoln gave him pardon. He said, “Let him fight instead of being shot.”

Rediscovery #: 0698512-A1-244 Research RequestWhoa. Talk about compassion and generosity, especially back in those days. I mean, it was an eye-for-an-eye world back then. Absolutely horrific. No mercy.

Delaney was a free man. He re-enlisted in the Army and served honorably. He was given a second chance and made good use of it.

On Easter we celebrate our freedom. My freedom. Yours. But not from war crimes. Jesus rose from His grave, three days after being beaten and nailed to wooden poles, where He died on display. He rose to set us free from our sins.

Once you are able to accept this fact you will have your second chance in Jesus. Except, in His name, He won’t ask you to fight with a sword. Instead, you’ll fight with your actions and words: in how you represent your faith.

Praise God that Christ has risen! It is this fulfillment of prophecy that gives you and I new life, even when we forget to emphasize the true meaning of today.

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