Missed Opportunities

My dad died five years ago. Since then, there’s hardly a week that I don’t think about him. For all of you out there who have experienced the untimely loss of their father, I’m sure you can relate.

3231 8x10 copyDad never got to see his twin grand daughters, an anomaly in our family that he was over the moon about, because he couldn’t, or I should say wouldn’t, leave his job. In fact, he died just months before his planned trip to see them for the first time. This missed opportunity haunts me.

Our time on this earth is all too short. There are only just so many days to accomplish whatever it is that we have set out to accomplish: bonding with our children, ensuring our family and friends know just how much we love them, following a specific career path, buying a four bedroom home in that perfect neighborhood, surviving to see the next day.

Just like my dad, and I suspect you as well, I have spent my life swimming in this sea of never-ending earthly objectives. Why do we spend so much time on what will only last for 90 years, if we are lucky, rather than focus our energy on what will last for eternity?

I’ll tell you why: because we are human. It’s our nature. Work two jobs to put our kids through private school? Check. Take out a 6-year car loan to keep up with the Joneses? Check. Stay up until 2 am to finish your thesis? Check. Crack open the Bible to discover the real truth to all aspects of life? Nope.

I’m done missing opportunities. The only objective that really matters, my friends, is the eternal destination of our soul. We can sing praises to God for eternity, or we can spend eternity wishing we were.

But God didn’t promise that getting there would be easy. Find within these pages the images of folks I have met along my journey to that one objective, who struggle, just like me.

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